The Anatomy of Music Part 1 – Leilet Hob

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“Leilet Hob”, meaning “Night of Love” is a song that is not only an Egyptian classic, but one that is known and loved by belly dancers around the world. Composed by Mohamed Abdel Wahab and sung by Oum Kalthoum, “Leilet Hob” is nothing short of legendary.

This workshop is broken into three parts: lyrics, music, and dance.

First, George Sadak will lead you through the lyrics, providing the translation to English as well as cultural insight. You’ll receive a PDF of the lyrics that includes the transliteration and translation from Arabic to English. We will listen to the original concert in its entirety to immerse ourselves in the experience of “tarab”, or “musical ecstacy”, that Oum Kalthoum had mastered.

David Reihs will play the percussion and the melody of the song live in this workshop. You’ll hear and dance to the rhythms of the drum to understand how feeling and meaning are conveyed through the song’s structure. He will play the melody and explain the maqamat (Middle Eastern musical scales) for an opportunity to explore the moods of different scales, and for those used in this song.

I, Henna, will bring a dancer’s perspective. We’ll compare how a song is adapted from its original version to make a dance version. We’ll look closely at how these changes influence the dance, and what they tell us about the dance. We’ll watch video of different dancers’ interpretations of the song, and discuss our observations.

This workshop is lecture and discussion based. If time allows, some exploratory dance exercises may be incorporated. While this workshop is geared toward dancers, musicians will find value in it as well.

A separate choreography workshop to “Leilet Hob” will follow on July 12th. It is not necessary to attend the lecture to learn the choreography, however you will get the most out of coming to both. I will show the knowledge of the lyrics, music, and performances to the song by Egyptian dancers influences my choreographic choices. Some parts will be structured improvisation, with 75% being fully choreographed.

July 5, 2020
Part 1 – Music & Lyrics
with George Sadak and David Reihs
$65 before July 3rd / $75 after

July 12, 2020
Part 2 – Choreography with Henna
$45 before July 10 / $55 after

Parts 1 & 2
$100 before July 3rd / $120 after

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The Anatomy of Music – Leilet Hob

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July 05 2020


Date: July 5
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