Repairing White Ancestry: Lineage Healing Circle #4

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We are facilitating the clearing of any resistance to doing anti-racisum work so that the layers of healing can happen with willingness.

Healing in all ways is important in order for us to create a new world free from the oppression in our past, so that we can move forward.
Apothic Energy and Amber Jane Healing are joining together to create a unique and necessary space for people of white ancestry to begin the internal work necessary to free themselves from the poison of privilege, entitlement, prejudice, violence, and racism.

The shame and guilt that can accompany acknowledging racism and privilege do not serve you, nor will they set any of us free.

Who is this for?
This healing circle, open to all, is designed for people of white/caucasian descent who wish to address their lineage in a healing way through energy medicine as it relates to racism. The intention is to heal the past so that it is no longer reflected in our present.

Right now: The poison of privilege and racism is rising to the surface in a way that cannot be ignored. As the momentum for change builds on our planet, this moment in time is rich with the energies that can root out the systemic racism that is embedded in our bodies, hearts, and minds.

Why is this important?
In order for us to create a new world free from oppression, injustice, inequality, hatred, and violence, we must address our past so that we can move forward in a good way.

Why we are offering this?
As white people, it is our responsibility to take on the work of acknowledging and healing the thought forms and belief systems we inherited so that we no longer move through this world from a place of entitlement and privilege and no longer continue the patterns that have created and sustained systems of oppression.

Results of this work: Freedom from the resistance to look at racism and oppression in all its forms as it shows up in your own life. The ability to move forward without the influence of the wounded past. Powerful tools and resources to help you courageously unpack your whiteness and take positive action to contribute to this movement.

When: First one in a series or four – July 3rd, 2020
Where: Zoom
Tickets: $10-$50 sliding scale
A Donation of 20% of of proceeds will go to LDF, click her to learn more.

*It is not our intention to usurp the important conversations being led by BIPOC leaders, but to address and take action in healing oppressive white ancestral lines. We are committed to learning, staying open with curious minds and listening to those who are leaders in this movement.

* Amber Jane Healing is offering private work for marginalized and underprivileged individuals. If you are interested in receiving a free or partial scholarship for a personal soul retrieval session, learn more here , please reach out to Amber Jane Healing at for more information.

Do I need attend them all?
No you do not NEED to attend them all. AND, you are welcome to attend the whole series!
Can I attend just one?
Yes, you can attend just one.
Do they build on each other?
They can build on each other, each will be somewhat different. We listen to Spirit and allow Spirit to tell us what benevolent healing helpers are coming in for your highest good and the highest good of all.

What does this look like?
This is a ceremony.
We will say hello and introduce ourselves.
Starting with invocation and creating a safe and protected container for all of us to be in.
Calling to all directions and compassionate benevolent spirits.
We will use catalytic sound (drumming, rattling, bells and voices).
Sarah Marie will tell us what the spirits are doing through guided imagery.
Amber Jane will use sound healing to send the frequencies of these healing energies to you.
We will close with a share and discussion.

Going Deeper (Read more):
Join us in circle as we ask the spirits to heal the wounds we inherited from our ancestors. We will focus on processing the emotional response we, as white people, have to our own racism. Our emotional response to our own racism is a barrier to our being able to authentically embody anti-racism. The resistance to doing the work to become anti-racist created by these difficult emotions must be removed. We appeal to the compassionate, benevolent, enlightened spirits that wish to help us with this change.

Together with the spirits, we will work to heal the wounds we carry in our biology, so that we no longer see them reflected in our world today, and no longer bring them forward into future generations.
Join us as we ask the spirits to change our belief systems so that we can hold a vision of a new earth that is created consciously from the Now rather than from the unconscious and wounded past.

This is an energy medicine ceremony.

We will be looking for those places in our timelines that have allowed the injustices and atrocities we know as our history and as our Now to exist.
We will seek to heal the roots of these injustices that have unfolded through time as a result of the illnesses of privilege, entitlement, and the illusions of scarcity and disempowerment.
We will be asking, what else we need to heal and how do we heal it?

We know and trust that there are realities in which we exist in equality, harmony, and with benevolent intention. We seek to call this reality into our current existence. We seek to align ourselves to this world that is already taking place.

We will be appealing to our descendants, asking them to show us how they moved through this time in a good way. What did you learn? How did you do this well?
All of the good outcomes for this time exist as real possibilities. How can we call them in?

Amber Jane identifies as a mixed race (American Indian and caucasian) woman, she/hers, who has been studying and training with Jan Engel-Smith (read more below), Karen Hefner and Pamela Rico. These women have studied with Sandra Ingerman.
Jan has been a healing bridge back to Amber Jane’s native heritage. She has taught and included Amber Jane in Lakota teachings, ceremonies and 21st century shamanism studies.
Amber Jane’s spirit guides employed her to offer these ceremonial circles to her community and beyond. Encouraging and inspiring her and Sarah Marie (separately) to make accessible these personal modalities and open up there own personal efforts to start repairing their lineage lines. Amber Jane is dedicated to participating in this work with integrity and lead by benevolent spirit. She asks for the healing work that is ready and required to happen for us and our descendants to step into the New World and Ascended Self.
Amber Jane has a healing practice in Portland OR helping people heal on a soul level to bring desired results into reality. She has learned that through energy medicine we can transmute the trauma of the past, the present and intentionally create the future or step into a more magnificent now.

Sarah Marie identifies as a white caucasian woman, she/hers, seeking to heal the wounds of her own white lineage. She offers this facilitated healing ceremony for the lineage of others who also recognize and acknowledge that their ancestry has a history of oppression, colonization and violence.
Sarah Marie’s training as a healer is primarily through Jan Engels-Smith , who is a white woman who was adopted into a Lakota family as an adult. It was understood that the teachings that were given to her would be shared with all people interested in healing themselves and others through the sacred practices of energy medicine. Jan Engels-Smith has worked with many shamans and medicine people around the world who understood that their teachings would be added to the living curriculum she has created and continues for her students.
Through Sarah Marie’s work with Jan and her fellow teachers (Karen Hefner and Pamela Rico) She has learned how to go within and make necessary internal adjustments in herself in order to make the world a better place. She has also learned how to go into the energetic realms to receive and retrieve healing for those who wish to change.

Amber Jane and Sarah Marie believe that in healing our ancestors will heal our descendants. They believe the healing we do within ourselves, in the Now, unfolds through time healing the past, the present, and the future. They believe the “call to change” energies that are sweeping across our planet are offering the support, the awareness and the amplification needed for our world and our people to become whole.

We are listening. Ane we say “THANK YOU” to the already healed ancestors and the compassionate benevolent spirits who are showing up to help at this time to birth our new world. – Amber Jane & Sarah Marie

Listen to Amber Jane and Sarah Marie talk about the Lineage Healing Circle on Coffee and Chi podcast with Lori Lishan:

August 19 2020


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